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Post by TheSmart1 on Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:24 pm

Dear Fellow Person I would like to inform you,this is an Company Called ModTech, Modtech Website is 
-1 No Advertising of Other Websites are allowed(if Caught a Strict Action Will be Taken Upon on Main Owner and Owner).
-2 No Spamming is Allowed.
-3 No Sexual Post are allowed here(if Caught you will receive a 30 days ban).
-4 Once you have Disobeyed  our rules 2 or more times you will receive  a Full Forum Ban.
-5 No racism is allowed here.
-6 No disrespecting of Owners Decision is allowed.
-7 Pm's Spamming is not alllowed.
-8 Please don't spam owners,We get alot of reports and we Can't Handle your small needs.
-9 No Multi Account is allowed.
-10 Avatars Or signatures That may be confused With official Staff Members aren't allowed.
-10 Discussion of Of illegal Activities such as Software and music Privacy and other intellectual property violations aren't allowed.
-11 Trolling is Not allowed!.
-12 Don't spam the Forum with useless topics or post.
-13 No display of Ip address is Allowed.

Sorry to be so Harsh But these are rules that must be followed.


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Main Owner of Mod-Tech

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